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Month July 2016

Failure to Communicate

Next time you’re having one of “those” conversations… try to back up and ask where the failure to communicate happened. If you can pinpoint the failure, you just may be able to salvage the conversation.

Jesus Paved the Road to Racial Unity

Imagine what would’ve happened if Jesus never took his disciples into Samaria. Would the disciples have known that the Gospel is truly good news for ALL people, or would they have thought those were simply words?

Rooted: “Does God Repent?”

The following is a brief excerpt from an article I’ve published for The Rooted Ministry. Please follow the link below to read the whole post. Rethinking God’s nature is a dangerous, but exciting thing. What if we’ve misunderstood what it… Continue Reading →

5 Reasons Youth Workers Need Theology

When youth workers are theologically uninformed, they are showing students that God is small and unworthy of their time. Students will think, “Hey, if Bob doesn’t know about this stuff, then I guess it’s not very important.”

The Gospel and the Pursuit of Racial Unity

In the Church it’s essential for us to keep the gospel central in all things, including how we talk about and pursue racial harmony. The following is a simple attempt to clarify how the gospel drives the pursuit of racial unity.

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