Mike McGarryMy name is Mike McGarry, and I’d like to welcome you to Living Theologically. My desire is for this to be a blog where normal Christians discover how theology shapes the Christian life.

Studying theology has literally changed my life. It has sparked a desire to learn, question, and challenge myself to understand more about who God is, what he’s done, and how we can honor him accordingly.

Who Am I?
I’ve lived in Massachusetts my entire life and I’m proud to be a New Englander.  
My wife and I have two children, and while they may be mentioned every once in a while, I prefer keeping my family anonymous for sake of online privacy.  I love books, football, coffee, and exercise, but I hate long walks on the beach (going to the hospital and being bed-ridden because of a sunburn will do that to you!).  

I am the Youth Pastor at South Shore Baptist Church in Hingham, MA and previously served in another church for 14 years. I’m passionate about the need for sound doctrine in youth ministry that leads students to grow roots which last a lifetime. This blog is the result of my desire to translate theology for a new generation of “normal Christians,” helping them discover the ways we all live theologically.

I am the author of the forthcoming book, Lead Them to Jesus: A Handbook for Youth Workers by New Growth Press (arriving in 2021), A Biblical Theology of Youth Ministry: Teenagers in the Life of the Church (Randall House Academic, 2019), and am a contributor to Gospel-Centered Youth Ministry: A Practical Guide (Crossway, 2016). I am also a regular contributor to the Rooted Ministry Blog and am one of the co-hosts of Thanos to Theos, a podcast about comics, culture, theology, and youth ministry.