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Month October 2016

5 Reasons Why Church History Matters

Why should Christians care are Church history? How can history effect us today? Five reasons to study Christian History are given.

How to Read Your Bible

How can a Christian read and understand the Bible? Here are some tips and suggestions to help you study the Bible more effectively to grow in your faith.

What Does it Mean to Be Created in God’s Image?

If someone asked you what it means that people were created in the “image of God,” what would you say?

God is Not Fair

Is God fair? A fair God gives what you earn. That doesn’t sound like the gospel to me.

Christians & the Old Testament

How should Christians view the Old Testament? Here are a few keys that will help you better understand how the Bible fits together.

Who Loves Self-Righteousness (hint: we all do)

Everyone says they hate self-righteousness, but do they? Christianity is the only religion that teaches against self-righteousness, because the Christian fully depends on the righteousness of another.

What is God’s “Steadfast Love?”

Imagine if God’s love had limits, and then came to an end. Instead, we read about God’s “steadfast love,” but what does that mean?

Is “Forgive and Forget” Biblical?

Is “forgive & forget” biblical? Relationships and Conflict Resolution are difficult. How do we pursue reconciliation?

Weird Bible Stories: When God Sent the Bears

Why would God send bears to maul 42 children, just because they called a prophet bald?

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