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Month November 2016

Two Kinds of Sin (and what is sin anyway?)

Sin is more than a mistake or an accident… but what is sin? Sins of commission and sins of omission are described. The gospel brings hope for sinners.

What is the Gospel?

In all the talk about gospel centered ministry, we need to ask ourselves “What is the gospel?” and “How do I become a Christian?”

What is Pentecost & Why Does it Matter?

The Holy Spirit came on Pentecost to live within Christians by their faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ. This made the normal Christian a walking Mount Sinai.

If God is Sovereign, Why Should We Pray?

Why pray if God is sovereign? Does prayer do anything? The doctrine of election seems to make prayer useless. Not so! Instead, we pray because God is sovereign!

What is the Trinity?

You cannot understand Christianity without the Trinity. The following is intended to present what you need for a basic understanding of the Trinity.

Pleading for Christian Unity

America is in a season where we are greatly divided. As Christians, we must be different and stand united, despite everything else that brings division.

What is the Bible?

What is the Bible and why is it worth reading? What does it mean to say the Bible is Inspired & Authoritative? Is the Bible trustworthy?

How to Disagree (or Can Christians be Tolerant?)

Is tolerance a Christian value? Can you be tolerant and fulfill the Great Commission? We need to learn how to disagree in a way that reflects God’s heart.

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