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Month March 2017

Why Did Saul Become Paul?

  “Saul was ashamed of his past, so he changed his name to Paul because Jesus gave him a new beginning.” When it comes to the Apostle Paul’s name-change, this is the explanation I’ve heard many times. God did give… Continue Reading →

3 Things Every Christian Must Know

Here are three things every Christian must know. They are also useful for evangelism and sharing the Gospel with others.

St. Patrick the Missionary

I live 25 miles from Boston, am Irish, and yet I never knew anything about St. Patrick growing up, other than assuming he was some Irish priest who made everyone feel obliged to wear green to school. But Patrick wasn’t… Continue Reading →

A Plea for Good Christian Art

Good art must be honest, and that can be a dangerous thing. Creatively, we have borrowed so much from popular culture that much Christian art seems like a cheap knock-off.

Are All Sins Equal?

It’s common to hear people ask, “Is all sin the same?” All sin is equally wrong, but not equally bad. And yet, remember the only unforgivable sin is unbelief.

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