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Pleading for Christian Unity

America is in a season where we are greatly divided. As Christians, we must be different and stand united, despite everything else that brings division.

How to Disagree (or Can Christians be Tolerant?)

Is tolerance a Christian value? Can you be tolerant and fulfill the Great Commission? We need to learn how to disagree in a way that reflects God’s heart.

How to Read Your Bible

How can a Christian read and understand the Bible? Here are some tips and suggestions to help you study the Bible more effectively to grow in your faith.

When Doubt is Good for You

Doubt isn’t a bad thing. Instead, it actually leads many of us TO faith, not away from it.

What is “Sin that Leads to Death” in 1 John 5:16-17?

What is the sin that leads to death and the sin that does not lead to death? When would we be encouraged to not pray for someone?

How You Say It Matters: Thoughts on Form & Function

When you have a mission to accomplish, which matters more: form or function?

Book Review: Designed to Lead

Designed to Lead is a much needed call for the Church to have a clear discipleship plan that involves training new leaders for the sake of the Great Commission.

Playing the Long-Game in Ministry

What does it mean to play the long-game in ministry? We cannot measure our ministry only by immediate results.

10 Books Every Youth Worker Should Read

With the amount of books out there today, it’s overwhelming to know what to read and what’s worth skipping. These books run the spectrum from books for youth workers to theology books that address issues youth workers should be aware of.

Failure to Communicate

Next time you’re having one of “those” conversations… try to back up and ask where the failure to communicate happened. If you can pinpoint the failure, you just may be able to salvage the conversation.

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