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What We Say to God When we Sin

I am convinced if we realized all the things we were saying to God when se sin, we’d turn to God more and we’d sin less. There’s a lot of overlap between these statements, but hopefully these will help you… Continue Reading →

What is the Fear of the LORD?

What is the fear of the Lord? The Bible teaches fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, but what does that mean?

How Busyness Chokes out Faith

Busyness is one the greatest threats to faith and Christian maturity today. How do we set priorities for how we spend our time? It depends on what matters most.

What’s the Difference Between a D.Min and Ph.D?

What is the difference between a D.Min and Ph.D? How do I choose which degree to pursue? Here’s what I wish someone told me.

What’s the Difference Between Roman Catholic and Protestant Christianity?

What is the difference between Roman Catholic and Protestant Christianity? To deny the 5 Sola’s is to deny the sufficiency of the Gospel for salvation.

Four Motifs for Sharing the Gospel

How do I share the gospel with my friends? It never seems to “come up.” When we know these four gospel motifs, we are better equipped to share our faith.

God is Not Fair

Is God fair? A fair God gives what you earn. That doesn’t sound like the gospel to me.

Is “Forgive and Forget” Biblical?

Is “forgive & forget” biblical? Relationships and Conflict Resolution are difficult. How do we pursue reconciliation?

Suffering and the Problem of Evil

The reality of suffering and pain can easily lead to despair and doubt. Samwise Gamgee in LOTR presents a beautifully Christian view on hope in the midst of the problem of evil.

How I Changed My Mind on the Doctrine of Election

How I’ve changed my mind on the Reformed/Arminian debate, and some principles about ‘doing theology’ along the way.

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