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Who Loves Self-Righteousness (hint: we all do)

Everyone says they hate self-righteousness, but do they? Christianity is the only religion that teaches against self-righteousness, because the Christian fully depends on the righteousness of another.

Weird Bible Stories: When God Sent the Bears

Why would God send bears to maul 42 children, just because they called a prophet bald?

Can God Out-Vote You?

We all want to rule our lives and call our own shots. It’s just reality. This is where our trouble with God comes in… Because we grasp for the authority that only He should have. The question we each need… Continue Reading →

Can the Bible Correct You?

I had a conversation a while ago with a friend who a Christian and is struggling through some difficult doctrines. In the midst of our conversation he said a few things I’ve been thinking about: 1. “I just don’t like… Continue Reading →

Trinitarian Authority & Submission

I had a short but interesting discussion the the man who leads our church’s prison ministry today. He referred to the mutual submission within the Persons of the Trinity as a model for how we all should relate to and… Continue Reading →

A Biblical Foundation for Life

How we live matters… Deeply. It matters so much it has eternal ramifications. What we do really truly matters. I have always loved the book of Ecclesiastes because it has such a simple way of putting life into perspective. “Meaningless,… Continue Reading →

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