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Three Ways to be a Faithless Christian

Does your Christian life reflect active faith in God to provide, or are you living risk-free? The gospel is the the foundation for courageous Christianity.

What Jesus Meant by Entering the Kingdom as Children

We don’t enter the kingdom of heaven as children because we have become so gentle and obedient. We enter as children because of our Heavenly Father. 

What’s the Difference Between Grace and Mercy?

Are grace and mercy the same thing or are they different? This post explains what the Bible teaches about grace and mercy and how they flow from the gospel.

Why Church Membership?

Why become a member of a church if you can just attend without the commitment of membership? This post shares the heart of church membership and three benefits

What Does Baptism Mean (and why is it important)?

Baptism is a biblical and meaningful expression of personal faith in Jesus Christ. This post summarizes what baptism means and why it matters.

Three Things Every Christian Should Know

Here are three truths every Christian should know and be able to clearly explain to others.

Why Can’t God Overlook Sin?

Sin is rejection and rebellion against the Holy God. It wouldn’t be right for him to simply overlook it. But he did pay for it through Jesus Christ.

Is Repentance Necessary to be a Christian?

Is repentance necessary to become a Christian? And what’s the difference between confession and repentance anyway?! Jesus and the apostles preached repentance. We should too.

Are These the End Times?

When will Jesus return? It seems like today’s news and events must mean we’re living in the end times now. Is this true… what does does that mean?

Faith is Not a Good Idea

Faith is more than a good idea. Our lives always reflect what we believe, so when you look at yours – do you have Christian ideas or saving faith?

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