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Was Jesus Born in a Barn, Cave, or House?

The question “Where was Jesus born?” is surprisingly tricky. The easy answer is, “In Bethlehem.” Yes, but where? The typical nativity scene features the holy family in a stable that looks like a barn, separate from the Inn, where there was no room. But is this accurate? Most historians and scholars say, “Not so much.”

Recovering our Fear

The following quote comes from Bonhoeffer’s sermon on the first Sunday of Advent in 1935 as Hitler’s power in Germany was increasing. Keep Bonhoeffer’s context in mind as you read this excerpt from this Advent sermon based out of Revelation 14:6-13.

Why Did God Need to Become Human? (aka: Why Christmas?)

The gospel is at the heart of Christmas: the gift of salvation through the life and work of Jesus Christ. But why did Jesus need to be fully man and fully God?

God Chose a Poor Family

Mary and Joseph were poor. God entrusted this poor but godly family to raise the Son of God. Their simple obedience was of greater value than anything else.

What is Advent? (not only for Catholics)

What is Advent and is it only for Catholics? Protestants celebrate advent too, because it’s centered on the gospel of grace.

Why Did Jesus Come? For These Two Reasons…

Jesus was born to bring salvation and judgment. Salvation for God’s people. Judgment against the devil. This is why Christmas is good news.

Why Christmas is on December 25th?

How did the Church decide Christmas would be celebrated on December 25th? Was it merely an attempt to Christianize pagan holidays? Two theories are summarized.

Two Reasons My Family Won’t Buy an Elf on the Shelf

Christian parents are wondering, “Can Christians have an elf on the shelf?” There are two reasons my family will not get an Elf on the Shelf.

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