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Why We Give Up On Prayer

If you are tempted to quit praying, don’t. Christians have become children of God through faith. We do not pray I order to persuade or manipulate God to do what we want. No. We pray as children making our requests known to our Father in Heaven, trusting in his good judgement and timing.

How Can I Know I’m Really Saved?

“How do I know I’m really a Christian?” Here are four questions that can help you begin to discern saving faith.

When Doubt is Good for You

Doubt isn’t a bad thing. Instead, it actually leads many of us TO faith, not away from it.

Can the Bible Correct You?

I had a conversation a while ago with a friend who a Christian and is struggling through some difficult doctrines. In the midst of our conversation he said a few things I’ve been thinking about: 1. “I just don’t like… Continue Reading →

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