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Is Online Church a Real Church?

Judah Smith’s “The City Church” has caused a buzz with the release of ChurchHome, an online church for people around the world. This article explores what is faithfully admirable about this effort while also unpacking some serious concerns.

Three Things Every Christian Should Know

Here are three truths every Christian should know and be able to clearly explain to others.

Five Reasons Christians Don’t Evangelize

Why don’t Christians share the gospel with nonChristians? Here are five reasons based off an informal Facebook poll.

How to Share Your Testimony

How do I share my testimony? It’s an opportunity to point people to Jesus, not to tell your autobiography. What should be included in your testimony?

Christianity Without Repentance?

What is repentance and can you be a Christian without repentance? Faith in Jesus leads to confession of sin and repentance.

Four Motifs for Sharing the Gospel

How do I share the gospel with my friends? It never seems to “come up.” When we know these four gospel motifs, we are better equipped to share our faith.

What is Pentecost & Why Does it Matter?

The Holy Spirit came on Pentecost to live within Christians by their faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ. This made the normal Christian a walking Mount Sinai.

What Do You Need to Know to be Saved?

This is an important question, because it directly affects how you present the Gospel to an unbeliever.   Minimalist & Heavy-Handed Examples For instance, if you take a minimalist approach then you’ll probably share the “Gospel” like this: God loves you… Continue Reading →

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