Why Marriage is Worth It

Twelve years ago today, my wife, Tracy, and I got married. In that time, every single one of our friends who got married before us has gotten divorced. Others who were married after us have also gotten divorced.

Marriage is hard. But it’s also incredibly worth it. Last week I had the honor of officiating a “recommitment of vows” ceremony for a couple celebrating FIFTY years of marriage! Oh man, what a special night! Their love and respect and appreciation for each other was infectious. Tracy and I both walked away feeling a rich sense of joy over the blessing of marriage.

Sometimes I think people talk about how hard marriage is because they feel the need to counter-balance the fairytale romances we see in Disney cartoons. Life isn’t a cartoon, but some people do expect love to always be easy. So to give them a dose of reality, we remind them how much work marriage can be.

I don’t want this post to focus on how much work marriage is, and neither do I want to encourage a fairytale romance. Instead, here are some things I’ve learned through a dozen years of marriage.

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