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Rooted: “Does God Repent?”

The following is a brief excerpt from an article I’ve published for The Rooted Ministry. Please follow the link below to read the whole post. Rethinking God’s nature is a dangerous, but exciting thing. What if we’ve misunderstood what it… Continue Reading →

5 Reasons Youth Workers Need Theology

When youth workers are theologically uninformed, they are showing students that God is small and unworthy of their time. Students will think, “Hey, if Bob doesn’t know about this stuff, then I guess it’s not very important.”

Theology isn’t the goal of faith, Love is

Evangelical Christians have a habit of being known more for what we believe theologically/ideologically than for how we live. And when those outside our camp think about how we live, “hypocrite” is the frequent accusation. I’m not here to debate… Continue Reading →

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