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3 Core Convictions of GenZ’s Religious Worldview

What are the core convictions of today’s teenagers, known as GenZ? Tolerance, Safety, and Cancel Culture. This article helps Christians, especially pastors and those in ministry, begin to understand GenZ’s religious worldview.

Is Youth Ministry Biblical?

This is a question that frequently comes up on youth pastor facebook groups. Perhaps that’s a surprise to non-youth pastors, but it’s a question most youth pastors have asked, at some point or another. Sometimes it’s prompted by critics who… Continue Reading →

Evaluating the “Word According to GenZ” Controversy

What can youth workers and other thoughtful Christians learn from the controversy surrounding The Word According to GenZ? Why was it cancelled, and was that a good decision?

How to Share Your Testimony

How do I share my testimony? It’s an opportunity to point people to Jesus, not to tell your autobiography. What should be included in your testimony?

Top 5 Books I’ve read in 2016

Here are the top 5 books I’ve read in 2016. Some are new books, some are old – all will be helpful and worth your time.

Playing the Long-Game in Ministry

What does it mean to play the long-game in ministry? We cannot measure our ministry only by immediate results.

Why Seminary is Worth It

Seminary is expensive and time-consuming. Is it worth it? I say YES… here’s why.

10 Books Every Youth Worker Should Read

With the amount of books out there today, it’s overwhelming to know what to read and what’s worth skipping. These books run the spectrum from books for youth workers to theology books that address issues youth workers should be aware of.

5 Reasons Youth Workers Need Theology

When youth workers are theologically uninformed, they are showing students that God is small and unworthy of their time. Students will think, “Hey, if Bob doesn’t know about this stuff, then I guess it’s not very important.”

Milk, Meat, or Soda?

Which best describes your teaching… Milk, Meat, or Soda? As youth pastors. We are often tasked with feeding our “sheep” milk. We often minister to nonChristian teens, to students who are new believers, and to those who are doubting their… Continue Reading →

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