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Faith is Not a Good Idea

Faith is more than a good idea. Our lives always reflect what we believe, so when you look at yours – do you have Christian ideas or saving faith?

How Can I Know I’m Really Saved?

“How do I know I’m really a Christian?” Here are four questions that can help you begin to discern saving faith.

What’s it Mean to be a “Salty Christian?”

What does it mean for your words to be “seasoned with salt” or to be the “salt of the earth?” In short, Christians should talk in a way that preserve life.

How Can I Know God’s Will? (it’s not so difficult)

How can I know what God wants me to do? God’s will can be a mysterious thing, but it doesn’t need to be. Here are three steps to discerning God’s plan for you.

How to Read Your Bible

How can a Christian read and understand the Bible? Here are some tips and suggestions to help you study the Bible more effectively to grow in your faith.

Living an Undivided Life

God calls us to whole-hearted and undivided people who love and honor him. If that’s what we want, then it’s good to take a moment from time to time and recalibrate.

Every Prayer is an Act of Submission

There is no such thing as a prayer that commands God and tells him what to do. Such an act is not prayer, but an attempt to take God’s throne. Every prayer is an act of submission and trust, recognizing… Continue Reading →

Can God Out-Vote You?

We all want to rule our lives and call our own shots. It’s just reality. This is where our trouble with God comes in… Because we grasp for the authority that only He should have. The question we each need… Continue Reading →

Theology isn’t the goal of faith, Love is

Evangelical Christians have a habit of being known more for what we believe theologically/ideologically than for how we live. And when those outside our camp think about how we live, “hypocrite” is the frequent accusation. I’m not here to debate… Continue Reading →

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