There is no such thing as a prayer that commands God and tells him what to do. Such an act is not prayer, but an attempt to take God’s throne.

Every prayer is an act of submission and trust, recognizing that we live under God’s authority and sovereignty. We pray because we know who is in control. And we pray because we know our own limits.

Prayer reminds us that we are not soverign. It is an act of humility and faith. Anyone who comes to God with pride may be call what they’re doing “prayer” but they have not really prayed… they have simply displayed their sinful arrogance and shown God and others who they believe is king.

God calls us to pray, and he acts in response to our prayer. This is a great mystery to be worked through and considered (and that is far beyond the scope of this blog post!).

Here’s my point: Yes, God calls you to pray and he answers prayer. But do not approach God as if you are the one with authority. Prayer is always an act of submission.