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Why it’s Good News that God Doesn’t Change

Trending news becomes next week’s ancient history. We need something (or someone) that does not change, and yet remains true, powerful, and life-giving. This is precisely why it is good for Christians to consider the immutability of God. ​

Does God Have Feelings?

Does God have emotions or feelings? Does the Christian doctrine of impassibility claim God doesn’t have emotions, and why does divine impassibility matter?

God Uses Normal People

God uses normal people to accomplish his sovereign purposes. Abraham and Moses didn’t have perfect faith; if God used them, he can use you to spread the gospel

If God is Sovereign, Why Should We Pray?

Why pray if God is sovereign? Does prayer do anything? The doctrine of election seems to make prayer useless. Not so! Instead, we pray because God is sovereign!

God is Not Fair

Is God fair? A fair God gives what you earn. That doesn’t sound like the gospel to me.

Every Prayer is an Act of Submission

There is no such thing as a prayer that commands God and tells him what to do. Such an act is not prayer, but an attempt to take God’s throne. Every prayer is an act of submission and trust, recognizing… Continue Reading →

Theology isn’t the goal of faith, Love is

Evangelical Christians have a habit of being known more for what we believe theologically/ideologically than for how we live. And when those outside our camp think about how we live, “hypocrite” is the frequent accusation. I’m not here to debate… Continue Reading →

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