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Why Christians Eat Lobster While Obeying the Old Testament’s Sexual Laws

Why do Christians obey the Old Testament’s laws about sexuality but still eat shellfish? The reason why is found by understanding the different types of laws in the Old Testament and the nature of human sexuality.

What Do Christians Think About Hanukkah?

Christians are able to remember the message of Hanukkah as a reminder of both God’s provision and as a call for our faithfulness to God. 

Was Paul a Ministry Hypocrite?

Did Paul teach a different gospel to Gentiles and Jews? Obviously not, but then, why was his ministry so different towards them?

What’s it Mean to be a “Salty Christian?”

What does it mean for your words to be “seasoned with salt” or to be the “salt of the earth?” In short, Christians should talk in a way that preserve life.

Does God Love Everyone?

Does God love everyone or only Christians? The Bible teaches God love all people, but not with the same kind of saving love.

The Danger of Deceptive Godliness: Learning From Ananias & Sapphira

Why did Ananias and Sapphira die for keeping some of their money? Not because they kept some, but because they lied to God and thought they’d get away with it.

Why Christmas is on December 25th?

How did the Church decide Christmas would be celebrated on December 25th? Was it merely an attempt to Christianize pagan holidays? Two theories are summarized.

Two Reasons My Family Won’t Buy an Elf on the Shelf

Christian parents are wondering, “Can Christians have an elf on the shelf?” There are two reasons my family will not get an Elf on the Shelf.

Christian Views on Creation: A Short Summary

What are some of the most popular Christian views on creation, and what are the essentials that every Christian needs to agree on?

What is “Sin that Leads to Death” in 1 John 5:16-17?

What is the sin that leads to death and the sin that does not lead to death? When would we be encouraged to not pray for someone?

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