pumpkinToday is Halloween. I’m not interested in debating how Christians should think about Halloween’s origins and how it is observed today.

Here’s the great value I see to Halloween: your neighbors!

Do you know your neighbors? If yes, how well do you know them? How often do you interact? Do you pray for them and look for opportunities to point them to Jesus? If so, here are a few questions to ask:

  • How can I welcome my neighbors in a way that would reflect Christ’s gracious and welcoming heart?
  • What does it say to my neighbors when they hear Christians bashing Halloween as “the devil’s day” and then they see me (they know I’m a Christian) walking with my family or happily passing out candy to families at the door?
  • If Jesus came to seek and save the lost, why would I turn down an opportunity to interact with my neighbors?
  • Why don’t I pray for my neighbors more often?

Take a long-term approach towards your neighbors.  Sure, many of those who come may not be able to distinguish your house from any non-Christian house… but your neighbors know, and hopefully you’re cultivating Gospel-bearing relationships with them. Regardless of whether or not you choose to trick-or-treat, you have the strong potential to show hospitality to your neighbors and to strangers tonight.

Your neighbors may not give your hospitality tons of weight tonight, but they will take note if you DON’T show hospitality.

Please note: I am not encourage you to only show hospitality in order to evangelize. We are not salesmen, we are men and women who love God. Because we love God we must also love our neighbors.  And when we love our neighbors well, we will reflect the love of God and He will provide opportunities for us to share the Gospel and invite them to find life and hope in Christ.