Ok, so maybe that’s overstating it a bit… but the small decisions count. Honestly, I do think the small decisions we make each day count more than the big decisions we might make once a few times throughout our lives. Let me explain.

If I’m making good, wise, and courageously faithful small decisions then what kind of bid decisions do you think I’ll make?

On the other hand, if I’m blowing off small decisions as insignificant then I will be far more likely to be in a bad position to make wise choices about big decisions.

I do think it’s that simple.

Simple… yes. Easy… well, no.

Daily decisions count. That stack up on top of each other and set patterns like a small stream cutting its way through the desert. With time and repetition, decisions become habits, and habits shape and reshape our character.

All this being said: If you find your character lacking, and if you’ve been making consistently poor decisions, there is hope. There is hope through Christ, that our history doesn’t determine our future. There is hope through Christ, that today’s sin has already been atoned for. There is hope through Christ, that tomorrow’s temptation can be overcome through faithfully fighting sin with some close, trusted friends who are pursuing Christ with us. No matter how many bad decisions you’ve made, there is always hope to make the best decision possible… and that decision to repent of your sin and believe on Jesus Christ will impact your future decisions.

May the decisions we make today and every day (yes, even the “little decisions”) be good decisions, because every thing matters.