Thanos to Theos is the name of a new podcast I’m cohosting with my friends Kevin Yi and Clark Fobes. It’s been an idea we’ve batted around for nearly a year, and we finally pulled it together and started recording episodes around the time quarantine began.

The vision for Thanos to Theos is to talk look into the world of comic books (hence, Thanos) through the lens of the gospel to better understand our own world (that’s the Theos… Greek for “God”). There are enough podcasts about theology and culture and youth ministry, so we’re bringing them together through our own shared love for comics.

Some episodes will lean more towards the “Thanos” side of things and be comics heavy, while others will be more “Theos” oriented and will focus more on theology and culture. All of this is offered for youth workers to help you think biblically about our world and about student ministry.

As a medium, comic books are generally seen as something you should outgrow by the time you’re in high school. But we’ve found that’s just not true. There are solid and meaty insights into the human condition written into those stories, and they’re worth considering. Afterall, if Narnia and the Shire and Hogwarts can teach us something about life in the real world, why can’t Marvel and DC do the same?

So tune in and subscribe through your preferred podcasting app. I’m confident that you’ll find the conversation entertaining and interesting, even if you’ve never been a comic book person.

Finally, a huge thanks is owed to the Rooted Ministry for hosting us and making this dream happen. Rooted is an incredible ministry promoting gospel-centered youth ministry and has recently launched the Rooted Podcast Network, including Ask Alice, All About Boys, Thanos to Theos, and the Rooted Podcast. Learn more on their website and give these other excellent podcasts a subscribe while you’re at it.