I’m writing this post from Panera Bread. From where I sit I can see the line growing as the lunch-time rush begins. Some are gazing into the pastry case, tempted by Orange Scones (mmm…). Others simply stare into space as they wait. But most (especially those in their thirties or younger) stare at their phones.

To be honest, I can’t remember that last time I stood in a line without pulling out my phone to check email, Facebook, or whatever else might be waiting for me.

And yet Scripture is clear: waiting is a necessary and important component to the godly life.

We wait for God to continue his sanctifying work in us. We wait for God to answer so many of our prayers, trusting in His wise provision and timing. We wait patiently for the return of Christ, when our faith will become sight and our salvation will be complete.

But in our world today, waiting is seen as a waste of time. We need to be productive and get stuff done! But in God’s economy, waiting is valuable time. When we wait, we are changed.

When we wait we are declaring:

  • I am not God, I will trust his timing
  • I will value my day as it unfolds rather than insisting it bends to my will
  • I don’t want to be so distracted that I miss the opportunities God presents to me.
  • Busyness is not next to godliness
  • I will be still, and trust that God’s timing is best

Simply put, when we wait patiently we are embracing time rather than trying to cram it so full we can’t enjoy it. When there is no rest in my day there is no rest in my mind, and when that happens life simply becomes a mess and I find myself so dizzy with busyness that I miss out on so many things God would have me enjoy if I just slowed down.

Finally, I recommend GotQuestions’ article simply entitled “What does the Bible say about patience?” It’s short, very good, and even harder to put into practice!