In fact, not only does every Christian have baggage… every Christian NEEDS baggage! You simply cannot be a Christian if you are unaware of the skeletons in your closet. Maybe your baggage isn’t severe, you’ve never been to jail… but every Christian need to be aware of their own sin and great need for God.

Some people say that Christianity is only for the weak. They’re right! If you think you have your act together and that you don’t need to be forgiven, you don’t need mercy or grace, and you don’t need God’s strength to make you strong… then you may call yourself what you want, but you cannot truly be a Christian.

Christ calls those who are weary and heavy-laden (Matthew 11:28-30). He calls those who are sick (Matthew 9:12). He tells his disciples that they need to be last (Matthew 20:16), and they should see themselves as servants (Matthew 23:11-12).

We are called to be aware of our great need for God’s mercy and kindness. If we think that we deserve God’s love, then we’re not only misunderstanding the Gospel, we’re misunderstanding ourselves!

Ultimately: If you will not confess your brokenness to God and to others, you cannot be a Christian. There are times when we will feel unChristian because we are so aware of our brokenness – and in those moments may we remember that it is in the midst of our greatest need that the love of God shines the brightest.